Gavin Regnart

Welcome to my web portal, where I have put links to my entire online presence. I hope you will find something of interest here.

Gavin Regnart

My Faith

A Christian Journey

A Christian Journey
My website, still under construction, welcoming newcomers to Christ, and guiding the curious.

My Christian Journey Blog

My Christian Journey Blog
A collection of my thoughts and devotional writings.

Scripture Quiz

Scripture Quiz
How well do you know your Bible?

My Social Networks

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Listen to me chat about whatever's on my mind - there's not much there yet!

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If you know me, you can 'friend' me on Facebook.

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I'll add pictures when I'm inspired to do so. This just links to one, but you can follow me - gjrcomputing.

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Most of my thoughts and media offerings are captured on my Twitter feed.

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This is my Christian Journey blog, as described above.

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Links to my favourite worship videos, plus, if you can stand them, a few of my own recordings.


I just add links to any odd videos that I find interesting or amusing here.

This page is a directory of any Regnart-related pages I know of on the World Wide Web.

My personal website from 1997 to 2005. Historic in this case means old, not necessarily worthwhile!